The Wauwinet Destination Weddings at White Elephant, Nantucket
Ask the Wedding Team
Complete Wauwinet WeddingComplete Wauwinet Wedding
Your wedding is an important day so we are sure you have some questions. Please feel free to email us about hosting an event on Nantucket at any of our hotels, White Elephant, White Elephant Hotel Residences, The Cottages & Lofts and the Jared Coffin House. We are delighted to share any information we can to assist with your decision. From suggestions on how to execute your vision to advice on choosing the perfect time of year for your special event, we will certainly assist in any way we can.

Personal touches are always appreciated in your welcome bag. Shop our gift shop for Wauwinet items for your guests to take home. In addition, we're happy to recommend items that are unique to Nantucket.

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